Why have my own e-commerce instead of a platform like Shopify, JumpSeller, or being part of a Market Place?

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Post porque tener mi sitio e-commerce propio

Why have my own e-commerce instead of a platform like Shopify, JumpSeller, or being part of a Market Place?

Surely there has never been a time with so many facilities and alternatives to start an online business (e-commerce) as today. If you are planning to start an online business, the year 2021 is your great opportunity.

Today, the number of platforms as a service (SaaS) available to start your online business are numerous: Shopify, JumpSeller, BigCommerce, Prestashop, and another plus. Probably in your country there are also platforms of the type Market Place , where you can sell your products as part of an online store spanning many providers. At the South American level, Mercado Libre is a great example. And of course you always have the possibility to build your own site. For this there are both free and paid software tools that can facilitate this task such as WooCommerce, Magento, and VTex among others.

In this article we will tell you why we believe that building your own site e -Commerce is a better alternative than resorting to platforms or market place .

Use an e-commerce platform service (Shopify, Jumpseller, and others)

Using an e-commerce platform as a service, at first glance, seems a very attractive alternative, supposedly with low initial and maintenance costs, and quick implementation, which leads many users to quickly enroll in these platforms.

Why have my own e-commerce instead of a platform like Shopify, JumpSeller, or being part of a Market Place?

While it is true that these platforms offer you many alternatives with out-of-the-box functionality and even graphic design tools for your site, what many users don’t consider is the cost associated with learning how to use these platforms. Many of them provide numerous resources for you to learn how to use them, but depending on the level of your technical skills, learning and enabling your platform to look and work the way you want it to can be time consuming and costly.

Several of our clients have come to us because they have not had the time to configure these platforms to their liking, or have had to hire people to develop the store for them, leaving the promise of a low implementation cost behind.

Another important issue to consider is that all these platforms do not give you the generation of graphic pieces for your content, although they give you access to predesigned images that you can use, the graphic content according and unique to your website is a fundamental piece. In web design, subtleties and details make a big difference. If you decide to use one of these platforms, we recommend you also consider investing in the development of graphic content for your store.

Finally, we also recommend you to consider and put yourself in the place of what happens when your business scales, or if you need to sell a product in a format or modality that the platform does not offer, what can you do in these cases? Most likely the platform will offer you a good support service, but this is limited to the functionalities and tools provided by the platform.

As you develop your e-commerce business you will most likely have specific needs for your business (selling product packs, subscriptions, multiple formats, promotions, etc.) and unfortunately you will be limited to work only with what the platform offers. The same applies if you need to integrate with other services, be it marketing tools like Facebook and Instagram Shops, Google Shopping, or other tools like Tag Manager, Google Analytics at a deeper and more personalized level, or even third-party services like a logistics provider or proprietary systems.

As you can see, there are several elements to consider before choosing to use a platform, as what seems cheap and simple, can quickly become a pain and unexpected costs.

Using a Market Place

The promise behind a market place is that they “solve” one of the most important issues of your online business, attracting traffic to your store, and that these potential customers are of quality. Many of the points that we mentioned above when reviewing the option to use a platform also apply to a market place, although they are less necessary since in a market place in theory you should only focus on your products and commercial actions.

What the market place does not communicate strongly is that many times the percentage of commission that you must pay for the sales made is very high, which ends up damaging your business. In addition, being present in a market place does not guarantee exclusivity, on the contrary, it is highly likely that substitute and / or complementary products to your product will be found in the market place, which are being sold by your competition. Many times this ends in a “price war” that added to the percentage of sales commission that you must pay, translates into sacrificing a lot of margin of your income and ends up damaging your business.

post porque tener tu propio sitio ecommerce

Being present in a market place is very similar to “having a booth at the fair” in terms that website visitors will find many offers, varieties of products, and alternatives in relation to your products, so you must ask yourself “how can I differentiate myself from my competition if I can only publish products in the market place?”, “What is my value proposition and how can I transmit my pigeonhole value proposition to what the market place allows me?”

Finally, an important issue to consider when being part of a market place is “whose customers are they?” Most likely, being part of the market place, you do not have access to all customers who enter the market place, do not have access to databases, and the marketing campaigns and actions that you can carry out are only limited to customers who They have already bought the information that the market place shares about these customers and their behavior.

Build your own e-commerce site

In our opinion, building your own E-commerce site solves the complexities that we have discussed in the previous two alternatives. It gives you the flexibility and dynamism for your business, in addition to giving you the ownership and empowerment of your business and customers without the need to pay commission for sales and expose yourself to direct competition in your own online store.

Although today there are free tools such as WooCommerce and Magento, and payment tools such as Magento companies and Vtex, which give you the platform and the capacity to set up your E-commerce site, it is also true that these platforms require an investment to set up the store, set it up, maintain it, and operate it. If you are a non-technical person, the costs of learning are probably higher than the costs of learning to use a platform as a service.

It is here where the e-commerce development service of WhatIF Tecnología can help you to obtain all the advantages of having your own online store, with the advantages of low cost and rapid implementation offered by platforms as a service and market place.

We invite you to contact us to tell you more about our service, meet our clients and success stories, and consider us as an alternative to create your online store.

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