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We are people


We love technology and we do “cool stuff”. We dare to think and do things differently.


We seek practical solutions to complex problems. We believe in the beauty of simplicity.


We only do projects that excite us, and we do them well. We don’t get bored at work.

A Better World

We firmly believe our solutions build a better world, we contribute as much as we can.

Who we are

¿What if? We are a group of people who love technology, we constantly need to do new and challenging things. It’s in our DNA to innovate, to break the mold, to think differently. We have the spirit, knowledge, and tools to do it… we have us! We love to always ask ourselves, ¿what if?


Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Software Development


What we do

We entrepreneur

We have our own entrepreneurships that you can get to know. We don’t just work for novel projects, we also create them.

We innovate

We dare to think big. We love to ask ¿what if? and always look for new insights and solutions.

We love to think big.


We share

We have fun and use our developments to share at no cost information to the community. We share as much as we can. ¡Visit our blog!

big data / text mining

Get to know with real data the perception of your customers and what are your problems. Get to know our projects in this field.

Social Networks

We analyze and manage social networks different, integrating management tools and Text Mining, with focus on the content.

Software development

We develop our own applications, algorithms, visualizations, and other tools to give life to our projects, and offer them to our clients.

Our services

WhatIF Technology
Social Media Content Analysis
WhatIF Technology
Text Mining
WhatIF Technology
Web Site Development
WhatIF Technology
Ecommerce Site Development
WhatIF Technology
SEO Optimization
WhatIF Technology
Mobile Application Development
WhatIF Technology
Google My Business Management
WhatIF Technology
APIs y Webservice
WhatIF Technology
Online Reports
WhatIF Technology
Web Scraping & Monitoring Competition

Our Team

WhatIF Technology

Sebastián Espinosa Silva


Industrial Civil Engineer IT Mention, Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez.
WhatIF Technology

Cristóbal Giadach


Industrial Civil Engineer IT Mention, Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez.

Our blog

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Is there such a thing as a "DevOps" position in a company? What is a SRE?

What's the difference between DevOps and SRE? Should it be a "DevOps Engineer" in the company?

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Bots and automation... why is it important to analyze content before automating responses?

Why is it important to analyze the content before automating a response? In this world of "Bots", we share with you how to do it right

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What is the most popular E-Commerce platform in 2021?

In our post Why have my own e-commerce instead of a platform like Shopify, JumpSeller, or be part of a Market Place? we tell you why WhatIF Technology believes that the best option for your business is to have your own E-Commerce platform.To complete this information, we share with you this graphic with the study […]

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