What is Social Listening?

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The social listening if there is a direct translation into Spanish, is the process of monitoring social media channels in search of mentions of your brand, competitors, products, etc.

Social listening or social listening offers brands the opportunity to follow, analyze and respond to conversations about them (brands) on social media. It is a crucial component of audience research.

Imagine you have a coffee shop. One day, while making a latte behind the counter, you hear two customers in line talking about your food selection.

I love the pastries here “, says one. “ Especially the croissants “.

Yes, the croissants are very good “, responds the other. “ But I don’t like cookies too much. Too dry “.

You start to wonder. Hmm. Does everyone think the same about cookies?

So you start asking around. You hear other opinions about your coffee shop. Start listening. Based on what you hear, you start making changes that people like.

And it works. Your customers are queuing at the door to get your new cookies. That’s because you’ve just used a proven method for brands to engage with their customers and give them what they like: Social listening

If you are not using social listening, you are leaving a lot of relevant and important information on the table.

Knowing how people think about your brand helps you stay on track with your marketing and product development efforts. It also allows you to respond immediately to positive or negative posts.

What is Social Listening?

Why is Social Listening important?

Improve “Engagement”

If you’re not using social media listening, you’re leaving a lot of valuable information on the table.

In fact, you may be missing a lot of the information about your brand that people are actively discussing. You want to know what people are saying about you.

Your customers tell you what they want from your brand. If you care about them, you have to take a look at the information you can get from social listening or Social Listening.

React in Real Time and prevent crisis

Social listening allows you to follow that feeling in real time. This way, you can see which posts are doing well for your brand and which are not.

If you get a lot of positive engagement, look for the reasons behind it. Your customers share a ton of useful information about what they like and don’t like. Those lessons can help guide your strategy across channels.

Listening to social media also helps you address public relations disasters before they get out of hand. If sentiment is low, check out the comments on social media to learn how to prevent a similar mistake in the future.

Studies indicate that the waiting time of a client to be attended through a digital channel (such as social networks) does not exceed 2 minutes of waiting. Serve your customers, and above all listening to your customers with speed is essential for your business.

Find out about your competition

Social listening is about more than understanding what people are saying about you. You also need to know what they say about your competitors. This provides you with important information about your position in the market.

You will also learn what your competitors are doing in real time. Are you launching new products? Are you developing new marketing campaigns? Are they getting beaten up in the press?

Social listening lets you know about these new opportunities and threats as they arise, so you can plan and respond accordingly.

Discover your pain points and identify opportunities for improvement

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