What is the most popular E-Commerce platform in 2021?

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In our post Why have my own e-commerce instead of a platform like Shopify, JumpSeller, or be part of a Market Place? we tell you why WhatIF Technology believes that the best option for your business is to have your own E-Commerce platform.

To complete this information, we share with you this graphic with the study made by our friends at statista about the market-share or market share that E-commerce platforms have until April 2021

Which e-commerce should I use?

At WhatIF Tecnología, we decided on WooCommerce as our base platform for our Ecommerce services. WooCommerce has in our opinion, a focus on speed, flexibility, and ease to “get your business online quickly”. However, this is a real “double-edged sword”, it is so easy that there are so many bad sites that generate a bad reputation (it is estimated that 60% of the sites on the internet are on WordPress/WooCommerce).

Thanks to its popularity and years of experience, WooCommerce gives you a great availability of resources (both plugins and developers) at low cost/accessible. But to have a stable and scalable site, you need good expertise, optimizations, best practices, etc. Also you must consider that WooCommerce has a focus on “single store”, to have a multinational business (currencies, suppliers, warehouses, etc.) it is necessary to have “multiple stores”.

We invite you to contact us to learn how we can help you to have your own online store on an optimized and customized WooCommerce platform, thanks to all the knowledge and experience that WhatIF Technology can give you.

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