Is there such a thing as a “DevOps” position in a company? What is a SRE?

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DevOps vs SRE - similitudes and differences

Is there such a thing as a “DevOps” position in a company? What is a SRE?

Personally, I am one of those people who often have a “hard time” trying to keep up to date with all the names, concepts, labels, job positions, etc. that exist in the world of technology. In particular I have the feeling that the position “DevOps” has been positioned in companies, but, can “DevOps” be a position?

What is DevOps? The infallible Wikipedia defines DevOps as “a set of practices that bring together software development ( Dev ) and IT operations ( Ops ). Its goal is to make the software development lifecycle faster and provide continuous high-quality delivery.” It is often said (in my opinion correctly) that DevOps is a movement, a culture…. then, is it logical that there is a “Movement/Culture” position in a company? or a “Movement/Culture Engineer” position like the DevOps Engineer position that we often see? What is a SRE – Site Reliability Engineer

Site Reliability Engineer or SRE as it is commonly known by its acronym, would be “Site Reliability Engineer” and among the main responsibilities of their role should be:

Is there such a thing as a "DevOps" position in a company? What is a SRE?

  • Availability
  • Performance
  • Monitoring
  • Change Management
  • Emergency Respose
  • Terminate Toil
  • Maintain Infraestructur

In the other hand, DevOps practices are:

  • Continous Development
  • Continous Testing
  • Continous integration
  • Continous Delivery & Deployment
  • Continous Monitoring
  • Infraestructura as Code
Is there such a thing as a "DevOps" position in a company? What is a SRE?

To keep this article short, I will share a link to a video with a quick explanation of DevOps practices – but you will quickly notice that SRE responsibilities and DevOps practices are one leading to the other, vice versa, and sometimes “two names for the same thing”.

Back to our main topic, there is a lot of debate, opinion, and stance on DevOps v/s SRE, almost all of them agree that they are complementary and more than once will say that they are two sides of the same coin, with the same goal. For our taste, an SRE is a person responsible for the implementation of practices, processes, and technologies based on DevOps practices and tools, that is, a person in charge and responsible for launching and implementing a DevOps culture in the company.

In WhatIF Technology we have as one of our objectives to facilitate and simplify technology, and many times misused concepts lead to confusion. We hope this article has helped you become familiar with these concepts

Do you agree with this concept? How is it being handled in your company?

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