Bots and automation… why is it important to analyze content before automating responses?

07/01/2022 - No Comments

In this post we share with you the importance of analyzing content bebore implementing automatic responses

Don’t make mistakes like the image above by using automatic responses without analyzing the content

During the last presidential election in Chile where the president who will take office in March 2022 was elected, there was a lot of talk on social networks about the famous “Bots” of different candidates to influence the elections, especially in social networks like Twitter, unleashing a real “Bots Wars“.

Likewise, there are more and more companies that have adopted strategies of automatic and/or programmed responses for their customers that, although they give a feeling of “quick response”, in most cases do not generate value for the customer, and end up generating greater displeasure for the customer, as more and more consumers identify that it is an automatic response, or one of these famous and misunderstood “bots”.

Surely when they see these things, the promoters of technologies that drive automation tools such as chatbots, “their eyes burn” when they see these atrocities of the misuse of this technology (we would say that they “are rolling all over their grave” but it is a very new technology for us to already be in that).

Implementing an automated service process, such as a chatbot, requires a deep analysis of the content in each interaction to generate the right answers, in addition to being a constant process of learning and training. The same should apply for interactions in social networks when we want to implement automated processes.

To achieve this, it is essential to have the ability to analyze the content of each interaction, something difficult to do by a team of people given the large number of interactions that are generated, but you can solve thanks to services such as the service SMA – Smart Media Análisis of WhatIF Technology , you can learn more about this service on our website by clicking here, or in more depth directly on the site of Smart Media Analysis by clicking this link.

We invite you to learn more about this service so you do not make mistakes like the image at the beginning of this post, where a good opportunity to improve your brand image, ends up becoming a negative impact that shows a little care for the relationship with the customer by automating interactions, without first analyzing the content.

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