Is there such a thing as a “DevOps” position in a company? What is a SRE?

01/04/2022 - No Comments

What’s the difference between DevOps and SRE? Should it be a “DevOps Engineer” in the company?

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Bots and automation… why is it important to analyze content before automating responses?

07/01/2022 - No Comments

Why is it important to analyze the content before automating a response? In this world of “Bots”, we share with you how to do it right

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What is the most popular E-Commerce platform in 2021?

07/12/2021 - No Comments

In our post Why have my own e-commerce instead of a platform like Shopify, JumpSeller, or be part of a Market Place? we tell you why WhatIF Technology believes that the best option for your business is to have your own E-Commerce platform. To complete this information, we share with you this graphic with the […]

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What are Google Core Web Vitals?

12/11/2021 - No Comments

We tell you what Google’s Core Web Vitals are, key indicators that you should manage and optimize to improve your SEO position, as the Core Web Vitals focus on how your site’s performance delivers a high quality user experience.

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